Monday, June 25, 2012

Why a Professional Photographer?

An artist friend of mine who lives here in Texas had her chimney catch on fire six years ago.  They happened to live out in the country and far from help so their house burned to the ground in a matter of minutes.  They barely had time to get out so rescuing keepsakes was not possible.  I met her for lunch not long ago and we talked about that awful experience.  After it happened, a couple of us went out spent hours helping her sift through the ashes looking for remnants of her belongings.  We found a few pieces of jewelry and a few damaged photographs but the bulk of her life's keepsakes and memories were gone forever.  All her family photographs, her own original artwork, and the things that insurance money can't replace are gone.  Six years later, she still mourns her loss and with good reason.  While most of us won't have to face such a loss, all of us can look around our homes and think about what we would rescue from fire or damage if we had the time.

I think everyone who is asked puts their photographs first among the things they would rescue if they could.  Portraits of your family, your children, your wedding and your child's senior portraits are among the moments in time that you want to preserve for your children and grandchildren.  It is your heritage and documentation of your family.   That is why those special times should be entrusted to a professional photographer.  A portrait photographer has studied skills both technical and artistic and continues to study the  changes and new photographic trends in order to provide artfully created portraits.  The portrait artist's work evokes emotion, captures personalities, knows the best composition and knows how to see the light and use it. 

So why did I write all of this?  Because I am blessed to be a photographer and one who has had the opportunity to create art for my clients so their memories will be preserved.  Another of my friends recently lost her grandfather.  She told me that they were so happy that I had done a photo session with her grandfather and grandmother, their children and grandchildren last November because now they had beautiful portraits of him even though he was no longer with them.  What an honor it is to play a little part in providing future generations with their family story.


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