Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, today was another roasting hot day...........99 with the heat index at 108.  Of course, this would also be the day that the second of two central air conditioners went out.  We are waiting for a new heat pump to arrive for the first one and the second one has been working hard to keep us reasonably comfortable.  The second one gave up the ghost sometime in the early morning hours.   We had floor fans to move the hot air around until the service man could get here.  I had photo sessions but with the fans wasn't horrible to shoot.  By about 3:00 system number two was back up and running.  What a relief.   

Right now there are huge claps of rumbling thunder and lightening that is turning the sky red. Maybe it will rain like crazy and get rid of some of that heavy humidity hanging in the air.  The ground needs it and with any luck maybe it will cool down a tad.   As I write this, it makes me think of all the books over the years that I read set in the deep south.  There were people sitting on their porches fanning themselves and drinking iced tea.  Ah, I can hear that lovely southern drawl now.  In my minds eye, I can see the moss hanging down from the huge big trees out on the big lawn and everyone moving slowly because of the oppressive heat.  It was a lot more fun to read about it than actually be in humidity for any length of time.  I am already dreading August. 

Enough whining for one night.  I'm off to bed so I will be ready for another hot, humid day.

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