Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo tip of the day!


Do you ever wonder why your white balance is inconsistent when you are using your digital camera?  I have a very easy way to stop that from happening.  When digital cameras came into our lives, all of us from full fledged working pros to those new to any camera had to learn new things.  White balance was something we didn't have to worry about with film cameras.  If you set your white balance on automatic, you are letting your camera do the thinking.  That is not always the best plan.  If you are shooting where the light is inconsistent or if you have mixed lighting with natural light, incandescent light or fluorescent added in from the ceiling or a lamp, your camera can't figure it out.   Yes, you can fix your white balance issues but it is far easier to fix them if you camera's white balance has consistently been set to the same thing for each of the images you shot at a particular time.  If you are shooting in the sun, you are far better off setting your white balance to daylight.  You should get used to setting your white balance to match where you are each time to start a new session of shooting.  With all the images taken during the time you are in that location having the same white balance setting, it is so much easier to tweak them if they are not quite warm enough or cool enough when you are starting at point A with all of them.  If you use Auto white balance, you might be staring at point A on one, point B at the next, point C or D for the next get the idea.  Consistency is key because your eyes will fool you.   Watch for more photo tips coming soon.

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