Sunday, June 10, 2012

A number of you have seen the canvas that I had made up of the second image shown here.  But, you have never seen the original photograph that was my beginning.   When I haven't done anything different for a while, I find that I need a creative fix.  As you know, I love photography and I am always taking a new course or another seminar to stay on top of the rapid changes in photography these days.  But sometimes when I need to charge up my creative juices, I choose one of my images and "paint" it in the computer.  I have a special software program that allows me to choose whether I want oil, acrylic, chalk, oil pastel, pencil, charcoal, etc., etc., etc.  I can also choose the kind of brush I want and even mix colors on a palette.  I use an electronic tablet because it is just impossible to paint with a mouse.  The tablet allows me to paint lightly or heavily as I add pressure to the stylus.  Once I get going, suddenly it is hours later and I find I have been lost in time.  One great thing about painting digitally is that I don't have to worry about cleaning up a mess or smelling paint fumes for hours on end.  The next thing is having the finished product put on canvas.  What I have not done in the past but am planning on doing in the near future, is using real paint to build up on the canvas after the lab has printed my painted version.  I think that would add to the finished product by having "real" brush strokes of paint on top of the printed canvas.  Stay tuned...............I will add all the gory details when I master that part.    

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