Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photographs are important to all of us!

I spend so much time photographing others that sometimes I realize I haven't taken photographs of those I love.  I recently remedied that when I put together this accordian book for Mother's Day.  These books are 3" x 3" and open up with 6 panels on the front side and 4 on the back side.  The covers are very nice and are magnetic so the accordian stays shut.  I gave two books as gifts and carry the third one in my purse.   It is such fun to have photos of my family to show people and I realize how important the images I take for others really are.  As gifts they are ones that don't wear out or go out of style and they just get more important as time passes.  How blessed I am to have a job that creates history for others.

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Jennybean :) said...

I have used this so often as an easy way to show my photos. So gorgeous!