Monday, May 28, 2012

Life Isn't Always Quiet in North Texas!

     Well, I was in the middle of blogging yesterday when a loud pop was followed by a complete loss of power in the area.  With 90 degree weather and not a lick of wind, we were all wondering if this is going to be the summer of too little power and lots of heat.  However, then I found out that just next door, a girl in a pickup apparently lost control, hit a power pole and turned over her truck.  How do you knock over a big fat power pole when the speed limit is 30 mph???  We were without power for about 3 hours while the road was closed off, the vehicle taken away on a flatbed and CoServ put the pole back up and pushed the power button back on.  While I am still amazed at what it must have taken to down a power pole, I am glad to hear that the young lady involved wasn't hurt.  That is the word from the sheriff although I did see an ambulance there apparently making sure.  
     I am still kicking myself for not going out there and taking photographs.  With police cars, sheriff's cars, a fire truck, ambulance and flatbed tow truck around, I decided yelling "first amendment, first amendment" in my best Barney Fife voice wasn't the wisest thing to do.
     Have a calm and restful Memorial Day.  God bless our fallen soldiers and their families.

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