Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why Do You Need Prints?

In this age of digital cameras, computers and CD/DVDs, we tend to think all of the moments captured as precious memories for us and history for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will always be available. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Chances are in the not so distant future, our hard drives will die, new technology will replace CD/DVDs and even .jpgs will be replaced by some newer and better photo process. If you want to insure that you preserve life's moments and be able to pass on images of weddings, new babies, vacations and everything else that matters, the only way to insure they will be available is to have prints made. Try finding a way to play those old 45 records you found at some garage sale. In fact, what about the financial records that you saved on those old 5" floppy disks. Today's professional inks are so technologically superior to what we have had available that images will last far beyond digital images and much longer than prints in the past. Even when old age finally does begin to fade them, prints can be restored. So, if you are still watching those wedding photos on your computer with a backup DVD in the closet, consider having them made into an professionally designed album or book. Or, get them printed. Wild Mane Photos images are available in so many different print professionally matted and framed, on canvas, as books or albums and on ceramic or stone tiles. We even offer metal murals that are so contemporary. Your incredible moments will be right there on the wall or sitting on a table and when many years from now they are found in a box, they will still be able to tell the story of you and your family to those great grandchildren who want to know about you. Call today and let us help you make some memories. 940-453-4880


Jennybean :) said...

We have several different types of Wild Mane prints, and we love them all! They are beautiful memories for us, and they work to decorate our home too! :)
Also, I was just flipping through the family/children's photos on, and they are just awesome. What fantastic work you always do!

Anonymous said...

It has been my pleasure to watch you grow from a B & W darkroom girl to a multifaceted professional photographer!

You always seem to have the cutting edge!

Keep up the beautiful work!