Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wild Mane Photos would like to congratulate Karen Haskin. She is currently in first place for the Dallas area in the "America's Cutest Kid" contest. Because she is in first place, she was invited to be a live model at the "Tots to Teens" photography seminar taught by Sandy "Sam" Puc' on Tuesday, February 24th at the Dallas Marriott Las Colinas. Karen did a beautiful job and assures me that it was lots of fun. The images Sam took of Karen were stunning. Thanks to all who have taken part in voting. Don't forget that the contest doesn't end until April 1. The top 50 contestants will then move into the final group. There will ultimately be one winner for the country. Keep those votes coming.................each dollar vote goes to help Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

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Chris & Cindy said...

As usual your work is stunning! Thanks for sending us the link. Great work on Karen's part! We wish her continued success. Here's hoping we all get to California. Jenny's blog and pictures help but I just can't wait to hold precious Maddie!! We are sure this blog along with your website will promote your good works! No matter what the camara says there is a WHOLE lot More to do than just "point and shoot"! Good Work Grandma McDonald!! :)
Chris and Cindy